B. 1988, Bronx, NY, raised in Hudson Valley, NY. Currently lives and works in NYC.

With backgrounds in dance, cellular and ecological biology, building and design, Chana is a multi-disciplinary artist, addressing questions of being through painting, sculpture, and performance. She is a graduate of Green Meadow Waldorf School, EastWest School of Dance, Aprovecho Sustainability School, Skidmore College, and Hunter College MFA. She has studied Butoh dance in depth and gives infrequent movement trainings, weaving together many performance practices and theories. She is currently the curator at HiLo Art.


Due to the difficulty of knowing interiors from exteriors, and the implications of this in an instrumentalized culture, I try to find alternative ways. I follow trace feelings in my body, searching for very old, non-mental information produced by my physicality. I magnify the involuntary subliminal that I detect into formed structures, gestural notations, and bodily presentations. 

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