Gut Dance, Exponential Fest Variety #1, Para\\el, Williamsburg, NY


Gut Dance, Performance Anxiety, Chinatown Soup, LES, NY

Earthly Delights, group sculpture exhibition, Re-Institute, Millerton, NY

Gut Dance, Solstice Show, The Grove, Bushwick, NY

Photophilia RPG, Coney Island Ritual Cabaret, Coney Island USA, NY

The Mnemonic Body, group exhibition, Hunter College, Tribeca, NY


Navel, The New York Butoh Institute Festival, Theater for the New City, New York, NY

Cinematic Death Moon Return, datura dreamer, Katherine Bauer, Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Navel, solo, Honey's, Brooklyn, NY

Navel, solo, UNFIX, Manhattan, NY

Embrace the Void, dancer for DJ SVB, Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn, NY

Navel, solo, Ritual Cabaret, Coney Island USA, Brooklyn, NY

Six Months In, group exhibition, Hunter College, Tribeca, NY


Cinematic Death Moon Return, datura dreamer, Katherine Bauer, Fahrenheit 451, Catskill, NY

Hunger, solo, C.A.V.E., Kingston, NY

Feeding, solo, The Shirt Factory, Kingston, NY

Feeding, director/duo, LabSpace, Hillsdale, NY

Music Seen, group exhibition, LabSpace, Hillsdale, NY

Feeding, director/duo, WeDoUs, Hudson, NY

Rabid Lords Gang, group dancer, Ieva Mesciucavite, The Met Breuer, Manhattan, NY

1-800-wisdom, solo, Socrates Sculpture Park, Queens, NY

1-800-wisdom, solo, Hot Mud Fest, Hudson, NY

1-800-wisdom, solo, Rosekill Performance Art Farm, Rosendale, NY

Ontogenesis, director/dancer, Representative I, MaMa, Stone Ridge, NY



Three Sheets To The Wind, group dancer, Katsura Kan, Odd Fellows Temple, Saugerties, NY

Solidarity, solo, FeminineRulez2, Tarot Reading Room, Brooklyn, NY

Synematika, dancer, The Shirt Factory, Michael Pope, Kingston, NY

Object Snatch, director/duo, WeDoUs, Hudson, NY

Plastic Wrap, Sugar, and Weeds, sculptor/director/dancer, trio, +Space Gallery, Catskill, NY

A Lot To Ask, musician/dancer, Rogue Angel Productions, Housatonic, NY

Things We Do Seldom, percussive performer, CR10, Linlithgo, NY

Borders 5 hour durational, sculptor/director/dancer, LabSpace Gallery, Hillsdale, NY



Big Cloth with Hole, solo performance, Live Strong, +Space Gallery, Catskill, NY

Three Colors, director/dancer, Representative I, CCCA Showcase, Hudson, NY

End and Enduring, sculptor/director/dancer, Representative I, Gallery Four, Baltimore, MD

Trifecta, sculptor/director/dancer, Representative I, Get The Poison Out,Tarot Reading Room, Brooklyn, NY

Trifecta, sculptor/director/dancer, Representative I, Basilica Soundscape, Hudson, NY

ShadowPeoples Project, duo dancer, Representative I, Times Square, NY

Geek Show, group painting exhibit, pop-up venue, Hudson, NY

Solo Street Tour, toured three solo Butoh pieces for a month

Basilica Drone Fest, Representative I and musical performances, Hudson, NY

"Neven", Representative I film project with Chris Carlone

Workshop Performance, director/dancer, Representative I, TSL (Time/Space Limited), Hudson, NY



"The Holiday Party", Representative I performance, pop-up venue at WinterWalk, Hudson, NY

Basilica Soundscape, Representative I performance, BunnyBrains Stage, Hudson, NY

"Being Bodies", Representative I film collaboration with Ephraim Asili

"Pretty Please" by Josephine Foster, Representative I music video collaboration with Ephraim Asili


New Drawings, Solo Exhibition, Swallow Coffee and Espresso, Hudson, NY


Light Changes Cells, Solo Exhibition, Beekman Street Artist's Co-op, Saratoga Springs, NY